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Saturday 7/7/18

2018-07-07, 21:07 by Gary M Jones

I was at the field today between 14:00 & 15:00 all on my own , good flying too. There is a dead sheep along the fence line towards the gate from the pits, I saw the farmer so reported this to her. I hope no one had plans for a BBQ Smile .

Farmer …

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New Align trex 450 pro

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New Align trex 450 pro Empty New Align trex 450 pro

Post by Guest on 2009-09-02, 15:51

Hello,I just thought I'd share a few pics and tips of the new 450 pro from Align for anyone who may be looking at getting one.
New Align trex 450 pro 450pro001-1
I've had it for a few weeks and have about 30 garden flights to test it out.
So far the build was extremely enjoyable and the only part that requires a lot of thought was the electronics placement as the frames are a lot narrower than the 450 v2 and as it now comes with the new 450M outrunner motor with spinning can you have to be very carefull with the ESC wires and the aileron and pitch servo wires which run close to the motor.
New Align trex 450 pro 450pro002
There is also a lot of talk online about the tail blade grips as if you centre the pitch slider you end up with the wrong pitch direction offset so those that like to fly in rate mode will have problems with the setup.Those that fly in heading hold only will be fine but if you like rate mode there is a tail grip flip mod if you google it.
Main differences between this and the 450 v2 are different frames,motor,landing gear,shaft drive tail,different servo placement,bigger tail blades,and most of the head is stronger and the main blade grips are longer.
I am using the Align GP750 gyro with a ds520 tail servo and Hitec hs65's on cyclic,and the stock align 450m motor with the 35x ESC.
Lifting into the hover the difference with the v2 is obvious as it feels like a much bigger heli and is just so stable and slop free,more like a 500 than a 450.


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New Align trex 450 pro Empty Re: New Align trex 450 pro

Post by Mark Barnes on 2009-09-02, 18:50

Loverly looking air wisk, i do like the pro but dunno what Align are doing with the tails they had a similar problem with the 250 if i recal corectly

Mark Barnes
Mark Barnes
Club Secretary

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New Align trex 450 pro Empty Re: New Align trex 450 pro

Post by Andy Sayle on 2009-09-02, 19:45

Niiiice. Now if only Align would pull their fingers out and get the gasser 700 out for me, I will be like a pig in, er, mud?!

The tail design is probably the last bit they design, and therefore they will do it on a friday afternoon. Everyone knows not to trust a designers friday afternoon work (especially if the designer happens to be called Andy!)


Chicks dig slop free linkages....
Andy Sayle
Andy Sayle
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New Align trex 450 pro Empty Re: New Align trex 450 pro

Post by Guest on 2009-09-03, 13:08

Apparently there is a company in the states doing a gasser 700 conversion.
I don't know about the price but I saw a video of it somewhere on helifreak.com at some funfly event and there is mension of align doing one.
It uses a 24cc puk motor and the same people do a nitro conversion with the 500,I'm not sure how popular the 500 nitro will be but interesting to look at.


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New Align trex 450 pro Empty Re: New Align trex 450 pro

Post by Sponsored content

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