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Saturday 7/7/18

2018-07-07, 21:07 by Gary M Jones

I was at the field today between 14:00 & 15:00 all on my own , good flying too. There is a dead sheep along the fence line towards the gate from the pits, I saw the farmer so reported this to her. I hope no one had plans for a BBQ Smile .

Farmer …

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Honeymoon Empty Honeymoon

Post by Brian Colclough on 2009-08-22, 11:06

A young couple left the church and arrived at the hotel where they
Were spending the first night of their honeymoon. They opened the champagne
And began undressing. When the bridegroom removed his socks, his new
Wife asked, "What's wrong with your feet? Your toes look all mangled and weird
"I had tolio as a child," he answered.
"You mean polio?" she asked.
"No, tolio. The disease only affected my toes."
When the groom took off his trousers, his bride once again asked
"What's wrong with your knees? They're all lumpy and deformed!"
"As a child, I also had kneasles," he explained.
"You mean measles?" she asked..
"No, kneasles. It was a strange illness that only affected my knees."
The new bride had to be satisfied with this answer.
As the undressing continued, her husband at last removed his underwear.
"Don't tell me," she said.
"Let me guess. ..
Smallcox ??.............. Suspect

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