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Sat Nov 11, 2017 9:08 pm by Gary M Jones

Went to the field in the forlorn hope of someone being there.. not to be.

FIELD SECURITY .... The gate padlock issue seems to have been resolved with 'farmers' twine' !! This is now the only security & whoever has done the job has been to …

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Post by BoLt on Mon Feb 27, 2017 5:56 am

The QX90C is a fantastic small craft that fly's well but needs upgrading to Betaflight to get better stability. The frame is not bad but the legs that attach to the motors can snap in a hard crash.

The QX90C is as close as you can get to a Mini Quad with all the benefits of doing stunts and Acro. The speed is very fast for its size but the craft can be hard to maneuver in a confined space.

As the board is based On F3 EVO Brushed Flight Controller you have the full ability to customise the setting just like you would do on a bigger craft. I have set mine with Angle, Horizon, Acro and on Horizon and Acro I have air mode on to help the craft during stunts. I use Angle with a very high control so I can maneuver the raft in small spaces thou this is still hard.

In time I may have to upgrade the frame as it takes damage but for now with some modifications it fly`s fantastic.


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