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Joystick control of drones

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Joystick control of drones

Post by Parrot on Fri Sep 04, 2015 12:52 pm

Hi. I am not sure under which forum this should appear, but having spoken to Andy Sayle at the Clubnight yesterday, he will see this advise as he moderates this one.
I have a Parrot AR2 drone and I am finding it diffcult to control using a smart phone or tablet. There is no tactile feedback from a smooth screen and I have to keep looking down to see where my thumbs are! I know enthusiasts have experimented with linking joystick controllers (such as xBox) to android phones and tablets and I am hoping someone in the RDMFC will have the answers......


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Joystick control of drones

Post by Parrot on Wed Sep 30, 2015 7:41 pm

Andy kindly gave me some info to look at but, as a non-tech newby to drone flying it all seemed far too complicated (and terrifying!). Shocked
So I thought up a practical solution to getting my thumbs on the right places on the screen without looking down. The idea was to stick a ring of decorators tape (the not very sticky stuff) around the buttons - clear of the 'operating zones'. Then I would be able to feel where the buttons were and move the simulated joysticks. I therefore needed to measure the buttons.
So I switched everything on in the house, making sure I did not touch the "TAKE OFF" button! As I measured the buttons I noticed that they moved to wherever I touched the screen, within reason. It was obvious in laboratory conditions, but had not been obvious with a drone swaying about in the garden! The problem was solved - there was no problem. The buttons followed my thumbs not vice versa. Who needs joysticks? Very Happy
Actually, joysticks would be better, but the setting up too complicated for me. Rolling Eyes


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