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Saturday 7/7/18

Sat Jul 07, 2018 9:07 pm by Gary M Jones

I was at the field today between 14:00 & 15:00 all on my own , good flying too. There is a dead sheep along the fence line towards the gate from the pits, I saw the farmer so reported this to her. I hope no one had plans for a BBQ Smile .

Farmer …

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Heli set-up help needed

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Heli set-up help needed

Post by Stubbsy on Fri Jun 27, 2014 8:56 pm

Hi all - long time no speak!
I'm selling off a few bits so will post them up here if anyone is interested, but I have just sold my 450 heli and training gear to a Nice fella called Roy. (He has incidentally just posted a question here on the forum about binding his 250 and Dx6i).

Long story short, from what I can gather, he has been mucked about by Greenfield hobby shop and Delyn club something bloody awful (shouldn't say on here in case he reads what I wrote but I really felt sorry for the fella when he told me his story! - Incidentally Greenfield shop are still bad mouthing the club!) basically he's just looking for help with his set-up on both Helis and a friendly soul to set him right!

He knows my 450 isn't air ready yet, will need parts and set up, and he knows he will need a buddy to get it in the air - I unfortunately don't have the time at the minute, and couldn't find the swash settings on his 6i anyway, its all totally different set-up to my DX7.

I have told him to go along to a Thursday club night and have a look and a chat - but as I have been out of it for a while I'm not sure who the heli freaks are at present. I take it Zaidy is still knocking about, but is Danny still kicking about too?

Anyone interested in helping the guy out (Sure there would be a pint or two in it for you) - or anyone who might be able to sell him some genuine Align bits and bobs PM me (or him - rwalt) and I can give you his contact details!

Hope you all enjoyed that drop of sunshine we had - you know summers over now right!?  Laughing

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Re: Heli set-up help needed

Post by Zaidy on Sat Jun 28, 2014 6:29 pm

Ben pass him my details will try to help, but not so sure about the DX6i they are a bloody night mare with helis mate if my memory serves me right !

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